Pleasant Heights Golf Association



 - Guest fills the fourth slot in competitive play due to player absence.



#1 - Mike filled in the fourth slot this week due to a player absence. His play was impressive and he claimed the entire Par 3 Challnge pot including last week's carryover $4 and Darren's 'APPROACH' shot pot of $4. His first claim was on the 7th hole where Skiff n Skuff came within a whisker of stealing the pot with a 'birdie'. Mike followed that with a 'birdie' of his own to claim the cash. He claimed the rest of the cash on the 18th where ne narrowly missed the 'birdie'. His score of 87 was the best of the day (no pun intended).


#2 - DeLofted established an innovative pre-shot routine with resounding success. He and Skiff n Skuff were 10 feet short of the 11th green and both were deciding an appropriate type of shot to play to the hole. Skiff n Skuff's comment as he putted, was he though he should be chipping the ball instead of putting when this far off the green. After watching the ball fall into the cup for a par, DeLofted addressed his ball and made the same comment about his stroke as he executed his putting stroke. His ball also went in the hole for his par. The comment 'I should chip this shot' was heard on the final 6 holes whenever someone putted (none were successful).


 #3 - The play presented a peculiar  'RULES" quirk. The initial observation was that play came within 2 feet of having the first occurence whereby ALL FOUR players reached the green on a Par 3 for the Challenge test. That has never happened in the history of the PHGA. Secondly, If Skiff n Skuff's shot had fallen in the hole, he would have accomplished a 'steal'. Mike would have lost the winnings even though he scored a 'birdie' on the Par 3.



#4 - Having claimed the entire cash available during play, Mike treated the team to a great nacho spread.






The annual Skins Game is planned for September 4th contingent on weather. Play will be comprised of two 18 hole rounds with one of the rounds set to play as a Six-hole Nassau. The venue is still being researched.