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Oct 23 Update

PHGA Tour Event at Abercrombie Golf Club

Oct 12 Update

Regular PHGA Tour Event at Mountain Golf Club

Oct 2 Update

Regular PHGA Tour Event at Mountain Golf Club

PHGA Event at the Abercrombie Golf Club


The PHGA scrambled to find a venue for this week's event. The original plan was to play Glen Lovat but Mother Nature decided to wash the fairways overly well. With the Cart restriction in play, the search to find another course with only 3 hours to tee time to find something. Truro, Mountain and Brookfield all had tournaments booked. No contact with Debert or Northumberland was available, so Abercrombie and its excessive rates was selected. Skiffer was successful in negotiating a lower rate and play was scheduled.

The Par 3 challenge was claimed on the first Par 3 (Hole #5) by Delofted. From the tee it looked like all four players had reached the green (a Guiness record for sure) but only Delofted's ball was actually on the putting surface. His 20 foot putt came up about 2 feet short but with his awesome skills, he drained the put with panache. The pot had $19 carry over from last week and with the addition on this hole, it totaled $23. It was agreed at that time to have a chipping contest after Hole #18 to claim the $12 that might accumulate if no one won any of the remaining Par 3 Challenges. Such was the case and Danana crushed everyone with a chip to within six feet to claim the remaining cash. Delofted's record earnings of $130 for the year, will be a tough level to crack.


Delofted and Danana each provided an order of  rings at the event wrapup banquent. Gentlemen both to share their winnings with the po'folks.



These players attended what may be the last round of the year.....


Play during this event was complicated by a minor accident' and the wind caused many golf balls to stray. The PHGA invoked Rule #27 due to the number of leaves spread over the course.

Rule #27 directs players to drop a new ball without penalty when their previous shot falls in areas polluted with the Fall leaves. The ball MUST be placed within 150 yards of the estimated final location.

DeLofted carded a 43 on the back to end up as the low gross for the day. He also reached the $130 pinnacle on Par 3 Winnings.