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Sep 17 Update

Regular PHGA Tour Event at Brookfield Golf Club

Sep 4 Update

EX-LAX Cup Championship at Pine Needles

Aug 21 Update

Regular PHGA Tour Event at Mountain Golf

PHGA Event at Brookfield Golf Club


The PHGA moved to the Brookfield area this week for the first time in 2016. The weather was superb and the players brought their "A" game. Depite the power outage at the course, the team eventually got compensation settled and play began at 1:00PM. It was apparent early on that the greens were very fast and gave putting problems throughout the day's play.

The Par 3 challenge was captured twice. DeLofted grabbed the $8 carryover and the $4 purse on the first Par 3 of the day. He also set a record for season total winnings by going over the magic $100 level. Skiffer won the purse three Par 3's later and the $12 pot. This course has 5 par 3' so the last $4 is carried over to the next round.

Air Nailer started a fan club at the post-game banquet. He not only bought a pitcher of brew for everyone to share, he started the hype for his Fan Club.

PHGA Competitors..


Skiffer was there as well but was in the loo when the pics were taken. It should be noted, however, that Skiffer was the low score of the day with an 88. Seniority wins again!!! His putting was severely lacking but he scrambled enough to card the low score of the day.

Skiffer also recorded the shortest putt of the season with a 1/4 inch tap in on hole #15.






Air Nailer returns to PHGA competition.......

He Played like he was never away from play on the Tour and while he beat Delofted by one stroke, it took an "EAGLE 2" on the final hole to capture the win......

Congrats to Air Nailer for his FIRST eagle in his golf career - Hole #18 at Brookfield.

Air Nailer Fans....

Our waitress however, was not as impressed with the "EAGLE" as he hoped.

Her service and attention were excellent but it seems EAGLES made no impression whatsoever.